"Improving Aviation Safety and Enhancing Scientific Knowledge"
Established in 2000
If you are a pilot, air traffic controller, radar operator or
aviation professional and want to report a current or
historical aviation-related observation or incident
involving UAP, unidentified aerial phenomena
please click here.

All reports are confidential.
For 15 years the NARCAP team has provided the
highest quality studies and research here on the
NARCAP.org website at no charge. All NARCAP work
that you see on this website - and more - has been
prepared by a dedicated team at their own expense in
time and in funds.
Now, NARCAP (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) needs
the material and financial support of its many friends to
meet the challenges of  working at an international level,
to conduct research, to promote the study of UAP, and
to educate the aviation community and the public about
National Aviation Reporting Center on
Anomalous Phenomena
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