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German and EU pilots and air traffic controllers may now
make UAP reports to NARCAP - Germany

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by NARCAP Science Chief Dr. Richard F. Haines
A classic title published as an authorized E-book by NICAP ~ The National
Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena

New! NARCAP Blog Article
UAP, Aviation Safety and Official Denial
by NARCAP Executive Director Ted Roe

NARCAP Blog Article
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP, and International Air
Safety Reports
by NARCAP Executive Director Ted Roe

NARCAP Blog ~ The CAIPAN 2014 Workshop
- by NARCAP Executive Director Ted Roe
A brief overview of the CAIPAN workshop hosted by CNES-GEIPAN and
a video of Dr. Haines' presentation, "Useful Research Methods for Aircrew
and Air Traffic Controller UAP Sightings".

New Report!
NARCAP International Air Safety Report 8 ~
A Review of Suspected Aviation Safety Encounters with UAP
by Estonian Pilots in Estonian and Soviet Union Airspace
Priit Rifk, NARCAP Research Associate

New Report!
NARCAP International Air Safety Report 7 -
Near-miss Between an Australia Airplane and an “Unknown
Object” Near Perth, Western Australia on 19 March 2014
Keith Basterfield Paul Dean Independent Australian Historical UAP
Documentation UAP Researcher (Adelaide) Researcher (Melbourne)
January 2015 Copyright

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Aviation Safety and Laser
By Ted Roe, Executive Director, NARCAP

NARCAP Topical Report 06 2014 ~
Analysis of Selected Ground Witness Reports of Airplanes and
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Visually Near to One Another
NARCAP Research Associate Dan Lee ,  NARCAP Science Chief R. F.
Haines, NARCAP Research Associate Anthony Mugan

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Aviation Safety and Pilot
Reporting Bias
By Ted Roe, Executive Director, NARCAP

NARCAP to present at CNES-GEIPAN workshop
Dr. Richard Haines and Dr. Jacques Vallee of NARCAP will present at a closed
workshop hosted by the French Gov UAP research team, CNES-GEIPAN, in
Paris, France on July 8-9, 2014. Dr. Haines will be presenting "Useful Research
Methods for Aircrew and Air Traffic Controller UAP Sightings" and Dr. Vallee will
present "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: A Strategy for Research". Additionally,
NARCAP will host a meeting involving research efforts of merit and those
interested in advancing the NARCAP program in Europe.
The program for this
meeting can be viewed here (click here)

What does the term “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or
“UAP” mean?
By Ted Roe, Executive Director, NARCAP

International Technical Specialist Report 2 ~
By Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos Manager, FOTOCAT Project. NARCAP
Technical Specialist, and Richard F. Haines, Ph.D. Chief Scientist,

NARCAP Topical Study 5 ~
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unidentified Aerial
Phenomena: Can we tell them apart?
Dr. Richard Haines, NARCAP Chief Scientist and Wayne Reed, Research

International Air Safety Report 6 ~
"Aviation Safety Reports Related by Argentine Pilots
Concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena"En Espanol (Click
Carlos Daniel Ferguson, Argentina

Recommendations to Pilots from NARCAP on What to Do
and What Not to Do if you Have a Near Encounter with an
Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon
Dr. Richard Haines, Chief Editor , Contributors include: P. Davenport, R.
Eaton, D. Geisler, R. Haines, M. Hall, L. Kean, P. Kinzelman, L. Lemke, G.
Mcleod, T. Roe, M. Shough, B. Smith

NARCAP Topical Review TOP 04 ~
Extreme Manned Helicopters: A Review
Richard C. Eaton, ATP (ret.) NARCAP Research Associate Copyright April
30, 2013

NARCAP Investigator Support Paper 7 ~
Analysis of an “Alleged” Pilot Sighting of a UAP Between St.
Louis and Kansas City on July 30, 2012
William Puckett

Presentation to the French Air and Space
NARCAP Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Haines was invited by the Academie de l'Air
et de l'Espace and le Groupe Ill-de-France de l'Association Aeronautique et
Astronautique de France  to present a lecture on September 26, 2012 in Paris.  

Titled, "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Flight Safety: There is a Relationship",
his hour-long presentation reviewed twelve aircrew sightings involving flight safety
as well as related data.  This power point presentation has recently been published
on the website of the Air and Space Academy and may also be viewed at
// after a simple registration to
enter the site

NARCAP IR-5 International Air Safety Report
“The El Bosque Video Case: A Preliminary Study of Anomalous
Objects in Active Airspace.”     

It was during an impressive airshow on November 5, 2010 above the Chilean El
Bosque Air Force Base involving ten formations of military airplanes flying over
that these video segments were taken. Later frame-by-frame analyses of these video
images showed one (sometimes two) small round or oval objects on a number of
consecutive frames.  Details of how these unidentified objects (or at least optical
phenomena) were discovered were made public on March 13, 2012 by Air Force
General (retired) Ricardo Bermudez, Director of the official Chilean UAP study
Comite de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos (CEFAA).  

Under terms of NARCAP’s collaborative agreement with CEFAA
(click here for
more info) NARCAP received all of the available video with a request to examine
them to see what we could discover.  

Chief Scientist, Richard Haines has prepared a summary report of his findings
entitled “The El Bosque Video Case: A Preliminary Study of Anomalous Objects in
Active Airspace.”  His report consists of more than sixty pages of detailed text and
over eighty figures
(NARCAP IR-5 IASR).  Now that his report has been sent to
CEFAA for translation into Spanish and distribution to their staff and has also been
approved as to completeness and technical accuracy it is available for U. S. release.  
Haines is quick to note that his report is preliminary and subject to correction as
further data is received concerning this controversial case.

Investigator Support Paper: NARCAP IS 06  2012 ~
Preliminary Analysis of the Ceremonia Magna Video UAP of
September 13, 2012 at Mexico City, Mexico
Francois Louange

Investigator Support Paper: NARCAP IS 05  2012 ~
Informal Comments Regarding a Youtube video of a
Triangular Object Apparently Moving in the Sky
G. Smith, NARCAP

Technical Report 15: NARCAP TR 15 2012 ~
Jumbo Jet Encounters UAP Soon After Take-off from LAX on
September 27, 1996
Richard F. Haines NARCAP Chief Scientist July 8, 2012

Investigator Support Paper: NARCAP IS 03  2012 ~
UAP and Aircraft Safety in Australia - A Review
Keith Basterfield June 2012

Investigator Support Paper: NARCAP IS 02  2012 ~
Infrared Photos of "UFOs"
Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Miguel Guasp

International Air Safety Report: NARCAP IR-4, 2012
Aviation Safety and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena:A
Preliminary Study of 600 cases of Unidentified Aerial
Phenomena (UAP)Reported by Military and Civilian (English)  
(Francais) Dominique F. Weinstein, NARCAP International Technical
Specialist - France GEIPAN/CNES College of Experts - France~ March

Recordings of conversations between
Chilean Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
regarding UAP observations and incidents

Project Sphere ~ Spheres in Airborne Imagery
Revised Oct. 2011
Vincent Juan Ballester Olmos and Martin Shough

International Air Safety Report: NARCAP  IR-3, 2011
Photoanalysis of Digital Images of Anomalous Aerial Object
Taken Sept. 17, 2010 Above Santiago Chile (CEFAA -
Dr. Richard F. Haines, NARCAP Chief Scientist

International Air Safety Report: NARCAP IR-2, 2011
February 14, 2010 at 1717 Hours above the Andes Mountains
in Central Chile (CEFAA - El Yeso)
Dr. Richard F. Haines, NARCAP Science Chief

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