Founded in 2000
You Can Help
Volunteer Opportunities:

NARCAP is expanding its programs and is in need of volunteer administrative staff that have
the time and motivation to commit to assisting in the development and implementation of our

When we have established a strong funding program we will amend our bylaws to provide for
a payroll but as we begin this phase we will be operating with volunteer support.

NARCAP is a "virtual" organization meaning that, to date, we do not have a central office and
a localized staff. All of our work has been managed via internet and computers since we were
founded in 2000.  For most positions, a solid internet connection with a good computer and
anti-malware software are a basic requirement to participate in the NARCAP program.  
However, it appears that NARCAP will be based in the Seattle, Washington area and some
positions, like the Funding Director, will best serve NARCAP if they live in the Seattle area.

Currently we are seeking assistance in the following areas:

Administration and Programs:

Funding Director
- Ideally, unless this candidate is willing to travel on their own budget, they
will live somewhere in the Seattle area or general vicinity.  This person will be responsible for
developing and implementing a fundraising program. This includes fundraising events,
developing an online store, developing and promoting a financial donor program, identifying
and encouraging funding sources, identifying and acquiring equipment and space donations,
establishing and managing a travel funding program, and more. The successful candidate will
have some experience in event planning as well as fund raising for a non-profit.

Media Relations Director - this person will be responsible for the management of NARCAP
image in the media. The successful candidate will be expected to fully understand the
NARCAP perspective with regards to image management and will practice it to the best
result. NARCAP receives frequent requests to participate in media events including TV
production. We need to assess these opportunities carefully and manage them to our benefit.
This person will work closely with the Executive Director and the Chief Scientist to engage
media opportunities, manage and prepare press releases,and promote NARCAP in the
public domain.

International Contacts and Relations Director -: NARCAP has an increasingly visible
international presence and we need a manager to handle organizational development at the
international level.  This person will work closely with the Executive Director and the Chief
Scientist to develop and maintain communications and program support for international
relationships and programs.  NARCAP has a research agreement with the official UAP
research team of Chile and is developing other official research agreements in South
America and Europe. Additionally, there is a NARCAP branch in Canada and in Germany
and more NARCAP branches are coming on line as well. The successful candidate will be an
executive level officer capable of maintaining a very professional presence in written
communications and in person, will have or quickly acquire a passport and will be able to
participate in travel and meetings both inside and outside of the US several times per year.
Experience in the aviation field or in research science is a plus.

Marketing and Outreach Director: This person will be responsible for NARCAP promotion
and outreach to pilots, air traffic controllers, potential reporters of aviation safety-related UAP
encounters as well as identifying and opening contacts with members of the aviation
community that can help advance our cause.  This position represents the role NARCAP
plays as an activist in advancing issues surrounding UAP and safe aviation. The successful
candidate will have significant experience and contacts in the aviation field, be motivated to
advance NARCAP's concerns in the aviation community, be available to travel and
participate in meetings inside the US several times per year, and demonstrate
communication skills that are effective in protecting and representing NARCAP's image and

Research Branch Volunteer Positions:   
In addition to these administrative positions we are looking for Research Associates,
Technical Specialists as well as efforts of merit that may benefit by collaborating with our
effort (i.e. Investigator Support Papers).

If you are interested in any of these opportunities and would like to discuss them further
please provide your contact information, interest and an introduction here and a NARCAP
representative will respond.
Thank you for your interest in
This year we are applying for our nonprofit, 501c3 status. While this was the general plan since
we began our effort 11years ago it seemed to better serve our interests as an organization to
manage our expenses out-of-pocket. For 12years, to this date, we have operated without the
support or donations of anyone other than NARCAP staff. As Executive Director I am proud to say
that we have completed a great deal of research, investigations and analysis for our very limited
However, the time has come to accept that our program is growing and we are in need of financial
and volunteer support to move our programs and research forward. We invite you to make a
financial contribution to our program and to consider assisting us with our new volunteer positions,
our materials and equipment needs, etc.
As we undertake the second decade of our research arc we have a number of successes to build
upon including improved relationships with the several official international UAP research efforts,
numerous research studies and publications, expansion of our own programs and implementation
of new ones. Please join us in this important effort to improve aviation-safety and advance
scientific knowledge..

Thank you,

Ted Roe
Executive Director