Founded in 2000
Topical Studies,
Investigator Support Studies
Analysis of Selected Ground Witness Reports of Airplanes and
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Visually Near to One Another
NARCAP Research Associate Dan Lee, NARCAP Science Chief R. F. Haines, NARCAP Research
Associate Anthony Mugan
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: Can we
tell them apart?
Dr. Richard Haines, NARCAP Chief Scientist and Wayne Reed, Research Associate
Extreme Manned Helicopters: A Review
Richard C. Eaton, ATP (ret.) NARCAP Research Associate Copyright April 30, 2013

Recommended Actions to Improve the Current Climate of Denial within
the Aviation World about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Related
Richard F. Haines, November 18, 2010

Acciones Recomendadas para Mejorar el Presente Ambiente de
Aeronáutico acerca de los Fenómenos Rechazo al interior del Mundo
Aéreos No Identificados y Comentarios Relacionados*
Richard F. Haines, November 18, 2010
A Comparative Analytical and Observational Study of North American
Databases on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
MASSIMO TEODORANI, Ph.D. Astrophysicist, Researcher, Science Writer, NARCAP Research
Topical Studies
Investigator Support Studies
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