NARCAP staff do participate in media offerings like television, radio, podcasts, etc.  NARCAP participation is
dependant on how seriously the production company is taking the subject. NARCAP reports and studies are
not entertainment. They represent years of work by dedicated researchers at their own expense in time and
money. NARCAP studies and research are intended for review and consideration by the aviation community
to protect them and the flying public.

Please do not contact NARCAP to gain participation in programs that engage in speculation regarding
extraterrestrial visitation and/or UFO as alien spacecraft. We do not know what UAP are and do not support
any claim regarding incursions into the Earth domain by nonhuman intelligences. Some cases are provocative
in this regard but there are many cases that may represent poorly documented natural phenomena and a lot
more work has to be done to sort through the data. The principle interest of, at this time, is in
safety factors.

Pilots rely on NARCAP to maintain confidentiality and to make it clear to the world that UAP encounters are
not entertainment.  NARCAP focus remains upon documenting phenomena that cause safety-related
incidents. Science is taking a much closer look at UAP in general and the safety ramifications arising from
aviation encounters with them, specifically, and we hope our work will be a helpful contribution to that inquiry.

If you would like to interview a NARCAP representative or you are interested in having a NARCAP
representative make a presentation at your conference or event, please contact