Founded in 2000
NARCAP Research is managed by Science Chief Dr.Richard
and supported by over 50 volunteer Technical Specialists
and Research Associates.

NARCAP serves three primary missions: 1)Provide a reporting
center for US pilots and aviation professionals to report
observations and incidents involving
unidentified aerial  phenomena
or UAP
, 2) Conduct investigations and research and 3) work in
concert with the other scientific UAP research organizations in the
world to develop better research strategies and normalize data
collection across regions. has formal research agreements with the Chilean
government research team, Comision de Estudio de Fenomeno
Aerospaciales, CEFAA, and the French organization, Association
Aeronautique Astronautique de France Commission Sigma 2, 3AF
Sigma 2, as well as working agreements with other official and
private UAP research organizations, scientists, and efforts of merit
around the world.

NARCAP research is published upon completion and provided free
of charge to the public.

As you review these studies and reports please remember that
NARCAP research studies have been funded primarily by the
researchers themselves since NARCAP was founded in 2000.

Late in 2014 NARCAP became a Federally accredited charitable
nonprofit corporation, 501c3. This decision was based on the
growth of the organization and the need for outside funding to
address the evolving UAP research environment.

Please donate to Your tax-deductible contribution
will provide critical support to conduct research, drive advocacy,
participate in UAP research at an international level, and to engage
in a rational and productive study of unidentified aerial phenomena
or UAP, for the public benefit.
About NARCAP UAP Research: