Founded in 2000
Advancement Committee
Directors Circle - One time $30,000 gift (or pledged over five years)
Your tax-deductible donation could contribute to more innovative and complex
research strategies, propel advocacy and international development, create
understanding and promote knowledge and set the course for the future of UAP

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LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($10,000 annually)
You could help forge crucial partnerships with aviation community leaders,
scientists and policy makers—alliances that ensure that UAP research will

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EXPLORERS CIRCLE ($5,000 annually)
You could contribute to the development of international efforts to study UAP and
their effects on aviation safety by supporting opportunities for dialog outside of
the United States.

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SPONSOR ($2,500 annually)
You could help NARCAP raise awareness about UAP and aviation safety by
sponsoring outreach efforts at aviation events and supporting promotional events

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ASSOCIATE ($1,000 annually)
You could fund a low-cost, high-impact project such as a grant to conduct
UAP-related surveys of the aviation community.

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Supporter ($500 annually)
Your tax-deductible donation could provide crucial funding for the NARCAP blog
and website, vital sources of information and involvement for the aviation
community and the public.

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NARCAP Advancement Committee members contribute the funding to meet the sometimes unique
challenges of UAP research. Whether it is by providing funds to support a field study of anomalous light
phenomena, send a team to present at a closed international workshop, host a research symposium,
support a specific advocacy effort, underwrite a study, or to provide the means to make those important
face-to-face meetings, NARCAP Advancement committee members support a rational effort to
understand unidentified aerial phenomena and their effects on aviation safety.

Your tax-deductible donations will help design and implement NARCAP research programs, support and
drive advocacy and foster international development. Join the NARCAP Advancement Committee and
help shape the future of UAP research.
Make a Difference! Join the NARCAP Advancement Committee
and help shape the future of UAP Research.
Please contact Ted Roe via email at or by
telephone at (360)~603~2589