Joint Research and
We are pleased to announce that NARCAP has signed an official research agreement with the Chilean Government's
UAP research team,
CEFAA, The Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena.

Both organizations have recognized that we share common observations and concerns and that a formal research
pact could be mutually beneficial. In mid-December 2010 the documents were signed by the Chilean Director
General of the DGAC - Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil, General Jose Huepe and Director of CEFAA,
General  Ricardo Bermudez, and by NARCAP Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Haines and NARCAP Executive Director
Ted Roe.  
(See the text of the documents click here).

CEFAA and NARCAP both seek to maintain high standards of research with the intent of presenting the most
reliable data possible on unidentifed aerial phenomena (UAP). The specific concern for aviation safety by NARCAP
is recognized by CEFAA and was also in consideration as we prepared stipulations for the agreement. It is
recognized that both organizations are concerned with presenting transparency and will publish all research when
both organizations are in agreement.
CEFAA - NARCAP sign official  
Agreement of Cooperation
General  Ricardo Bermudez-CEFAA, Dr. Richard Haines - NARCAP, Gustavo Rodriguez.
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