Founded in 2000
(text of cover letter)
It is with great pleasure that I write these few lines to accompany the signed Agreement of
Cooperation NARCAP-CEFAA through Chile’s General Direction of Aeronautics (DGAC).

It has taken arduous and patient work on both sides to reach this stage. Fortunately, it has
a happy end and signals the beginning of (we all hope) of a fruitful and lasting relationship
between CEFAA and NARCAP.

Both organizations are in agreement that the UAP phenomena exists and are aware of the
need for a full scientific study of the matter.

In close cooperation with the scientific community, universities, and all aviation related
services, CEFAA, established in 1997, has the privilege of counting with some of the most
outstanding scientists in the country as consultants and the support of the Armed Forces
and Police Corps and has earned the respect of investigators and people at large.  The
balance achieved with the incorporation of civilian and military members with CEFAA is
unique in the world.

The Agreement of Cooperation between our organizations opens a new front in the
investigation of UAP. We believe it is an important step forward in the investigation of UAP
and its possible implications to Air Traffic Safety, be it civilian, commercial or military.

NARCAP’s long standing prestige of serious scientific approach to the UAP phenomena
undoubtedly constitutes an asset.

The matter of our study is not private to one country alone and we hope that in the near
future, other governments shall follow this example so as to permit the discovery, IN A
UNITED INTERNATIONAL EFFORT, of the real nature of the phenomena.


General Ricardo Bermudez S.

Director CEFAA Chile

* DGAC, IATAs 2007 “Eagle Award” in Safety of Air Traffic Operations.

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                                        Agreement of Cooperation

                                  General Direction of Civil Aviation and  
                 National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena

              (text of agreement sans names and addresses of representatives)

“Considering that DGAC and NARCAP are interested in the study of Unidentified Aerial
Phenomena (UAP), and finding useful to share with each other information and compiled
data and likewise communicate their findings to the scientific community, both organizations

•        Exchange relevant information considering UAP cases in reports gathered by
NARCAP or CEFAA whenever these may be deemed of sufficient importance by their
respective groups of Advisors.

•        Exchange information on investigation methodology on a permanent basis as this
tends to evolve over time, according to new scientific ideas, instrumentation and analytical
capbabilities, especially on procedures and actions recommended to pilots and air traffic
controllers before, during and after a UAP encounter in accordance with NARCAP’s and
CEFAA’s mutual concern for Air Tranportation Safety.

•        Promote the advancement of UAP research by engaging in joint research studies and
the coordinated promotion of findings to the scientific and aviation community through
publication, meetings, conferences and symposia.

The present agreement shall end whenever one of the parties notifies the other in writing to
the addresses signaled herein.

Mr Huepe, Director of the DGAC
Mr. Bermudez, Director of CEFAA
Dr. Haines, Chief Scientist, NARCAP
Ted Roe, Executive Director, NARCAP
CEFAA - NARCAP Agreement  (text)
Agreement of Cooperation